Sweet Tooth Scrubs


Containing Himalayan Pink Salt and Palm Sugar, these can provide gentle exfoliation. Please be aware that the salt content means that there isn't as much lather as with pure soaps but remain part of the 'have your cake, just don't eat it' range from Nurture by Natalie.

Sweet Tooth Scrubs come in different 'flavours' (fragrances) and an unperfumed version for those of us with sensitive skin. Using the same ingredients as the rest of the Nurture Soap products, you have the same caring properties for your skin while the presentation is a little more 'sweet'.

These soaps are made to look like cakes. While everyone is tucking in, you can jump in the bath/shower and have your cake JUST DON'T EAT IT. Be especially mindful to keep out of reach of children please.
Feast your eyes as well as your skin, Nat x